Programs to log and use raw data from your Garmin GPS12 (or XL)

Usual Disclaimer:
These program are supplied as is. No warrantee is given or implied. Use them at your own risk.
The undocumented commands that these programs use may cause corruption or lost of the data stored in your GPS.
Garmin is a registered trademark of Garmin Corporation.
Garmin Corporation takes no warranty for problems resulting in using products not sold by Garmin Corporation.
This is specially true for this software.
There are two different packages, one for Linux, the other for Windows.
The Linux version uses some modified functions from the Jeeps library for the low level serial communications.
Source code is provided in both cases (VC++ for Windows, gcc for Linux).

Each package contains:

In the latest versions the source code of both programs is actually the same. There is only a

#define LINUX

line in async.c that you can comment to compile it using VisualC.

They should be decompressed using tar -xvzf under Linux, or with WinZip under Windows.

(async 1.1, gar2rnx 1.2) Linux Pack (50 Kb) Windows Pack (130 Kb)
(async 1.2, gar2rnx 1.3) Linux Pack (60 Kb) Windows Pack (150 Kb)
(async 1.23, gar2rnx 1.48) Linux Pack (95 Kb) Windows Pack (175 Kb)


Gar2rnx (v 1.48) is able to obtain the navigation message sent by the satellites.
Now it can generate Rinex navigation files in addition to Rinex observation files.
We can also monitor and decode the navigation data (useful in real-time DGPS applications).

async (v 1.23): only minor changes have been made with respect to v1.2

Previous versions:

async is v1.2: It includes the ability to log Doppler shift data using the +doppler command.
That data can be in turn written to a Rinex file if gar2rnx v1.3 is used (with the +doppler option).

I have also made some changes in how the serial communications are handled. I do hope that these modifications will avoid (or reduce) some problems that a number of would-be users have brought to my attention (thanks to all of them, BTW).

However, as I only can test the new code on my trusty G12 (on which it already worked), and given my lack of expertise on serial IO programming, I'm mantaining the oldish version of both programs in this page so you can fall back to it if you find that my improvements dont work for you.

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