MAPLAB: Matlab-based Mapping and GPS Tool


MAPLAB is a Matlab-based (it doesn't need any special toolbox) software that allows the use of previously scanned maps (in bmp format) to edit and manage waypoints, routes and tracks.

MapLab is Copyright ©2000 by Antonio Tabernero.

Feature Summary:

The corresponding list of minuses, problems and bugs is way too long to include here. Try it and it won't be long before you discover them.

Usual Disclaimer:

This program is supplied as is. No warrantee is given or implied. Use this program at your own risk.

Maplab is intended for recreational and/or educational use only.

Use of the supplied source code in commercial applications is not allowed without written permission of the author.

Misuse (or even normal use, who knows) of the upload capabilities of the program may cause corruption of the data stored in your GPS.

I have tested it under Win95 using Matlab versions 5.0 and 5.3 on a PII (233) computer.

Garmin is a registered trademark of Garmin Corporation. Garmin Corporation takes no warranty for problems resulting in using products not sold by Garmin Corporation. This is specially true for this software. MapLab has not been authorized by Garmin Corporation and therefore no warranty whatsoever for this software is accepted by Garmin Corporation.

Download Instructions

Email me and I'll send you a file (100 Kb) with all the programs needed to run Maplab.

There is another file ( that you can download from here. It contains several examples of maps and waypoint info (1200Kb).

Everything you need to run Maplab is in, but it is strongly recommended that you download both as I use the example maps in the mini manual that is provided with Maplab.

Once you have those files, you just have to create a directory (i.e. /Maplab) and unzip the files into it. Then launch Matlab, cd to the newly created directory and type maplab. It would be convenient to have a look at the manual matlab_manual.txt provided.

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