Supported units

As I mentioned before, I used a GPS12 and a GPS12XL to develop these programs. Later, other people reported success with other units. The latest versions of the programs also seem to support the eTrex and eMap series. Here is a list of hardware that works with the latest versions (April,2001) of async and gar2rnx. I also indicate the soft version of the firmware, although it is quite likely that the programs will work with other firmware revisions. The third column indicates that not only were we able to get RINEX files from those receivers, but that those file were sucessfully processed giving us sub-meter resolution (as always, your mileage may vary).

Unit Firmware PostProc Results
GPS 12 4.00 OK
GPS 12XL 2.57,4.55 OK
GPS II+ 2.07 OK
eTrex 2.10 ?
Legend 2.24 ?
eMap 2.63,2.71 ?
12Map ? ?

One important fact is that in order to get good Rinex data you should disable any power save feature in your unit. As I understand it, power saving in the latest Garmins is based on having the processor take a measurement, and then ``put it to sleep'' for a while. That is allright for the code measurements used in the normal navigation solution, but can create havoc withe the phse data which needs continuous tracking.

I'll would very much appreciate any input that can help me complete and extend the above list. So if you have tested my software with other units and/or soft versions let me know sending a short email, stating your hardware, firmware revision and the results of your postprocessing.

Also, if you find that the soft doesnt work with your unit you can help me find the problem if you send to me a binary log of the async records that your units generates using:

 async  -a 0xffff  -t 120 -o your_unit_and_soft.bin

Please, use the latest version of the async program.

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