APNEE-TU: Air Pollution Network for Early warning and on-line information Exchange in Europe. EU-IST Take-Up Trials

    Project APNEE contributes to the European research on systems and services for the citizens by enabling citizens to access and exchange information on air pollution in urban regions via different information channels. This proposal describes the planned APNEE project take-up trial, called APNEE-TU, which is intended to adapt and test the APNEE systems to and at additional user sites in Europe, the adaptation and trial of new technologies (like handhelds, PDAs as well as new mobile protocols like GPRS and in Norway and Germany even UMTS) for the dissemination of air pollution information, thus innovating APNEE with novel technologies and novel applications of technology. In addition, the results of this proposed project will lead to a valuable extension of the overall business model and exploitation plan of the APNEE services in collecting and evaluating experiences and results of the trial at additional user sites and with extra con-tent providers. The APNEE-TU project includes Canary Islands and Andalusia regions in Spain where the new technologies and services will be tested.


    Further information on APNEE-TU can be obtained here.