Environmental Software and Modelling Group 
Computer Science School
Technical University of Madrid 


Location of the Environmental Laboratory

  Please, click here to have an aerial view of the Building 5 of the Computer Science School at "Campus de Montegancedo" where the Laboratory is located.

Use this map( here ) if you come from the Airport to Computer Science School by taxi (show it to the taxi driver).

How to reach the Computer Science School:

From Madrid "Barajas" International Airport:

By "Metro" (underground):

You can use the new interactive metro map http://www.metromadrid.es to find your way from  Barajas International Airport to any Madrid metro station.

To go to the Computer Science School you have to go by Metro from Barajas International Airport to Aluche Metro Station and then take the Bus number 591 to "Facultad de Informática".

To go to Aluche metro station you have to:
From Barajas to Mar del Cristal (line 8) (change)
From Mar de Cristal to Alonso Martínez (line 4) (change)
From Alonso Martínez to Aluche (line 10).
You have to cross a total of 26 stations and 2 changes.
(Estimated time: 57 minutes)
There is a Bus service from Aluche station to "Facultad de Informática", (Bus number 591, from 7:30 AM to 9:00 PM every 30 minutes).

From Hotel Florida Norte to "Facultad de Informática", you have to take the Metro at Principe Pio Metro station (50 m in front of Hotel Florida Norte) and go to Aluche Metro station and then take the Bus as described before.

For additional information: please click here to see a map of Madrid Underground ("Metro") and also click here to see an interactive map of the Madrid Underground ("Metro"). The "Metro" in Madrid runs from 6h00 A.M to 2h00 A.M (20 hours every day; Last train leaves the station at 1h30 A.M.).

By road:

Take M-40 (from North to South, anticlockwise) and take the service lane after seeing the exit "Pozuelo" but keeping into M-40 service right lane. Take the exit to the right "Facultad de Informática", follow the road until seeing the white building where the Environmental laboratory is located into the Facultad de Informática Campus.

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